You Found Me: A Tom Riddle × Harry Potter/ Dramione Fanfiction (WATTYS 2017)

You Found Me: A Tom Riddle × Harry Potter/ Dramione Fanfiction (WATTYS 2017)

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Kaylee :) By Drarryfangirl28 Updated Jun 26, 2017

In the summer of 1983, Bellatrix Snape nee Lestrange gave birth to twins. The boy, Thomas "Tom" Tobias Snape. The girl, Ariana "Aria" Evelyn Snape.

The proud parents welcome their children into the world, as happy as ever.

Until one month later...

Find out what happens in

You Found Me

I own nothing but the plot and the twins. Everything else goes to the wonderful JK Rowling.

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emounicorn113 emounicorn113 Dec 28, 2017
Hey author you mind if I steal this and use it for a story I’m thinking of might name it Sirius truth
Gay_Is_Life Gay_Is_Life Aug 13, 2017
Sirius you are going to get a strongly worded email later very strongly worded *screams extremely loudly* HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emounicorn113 emounicorn113 Dec 28, 2017
I’m stupid I was like drarry what is drarry ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh Draco and harry
Icantor Icantor May 07, 2017
Yea like anyone CAN spell it correctly on the first try with no effort
FriskandFoxy123 FriskandFoxy123 Aug 06, 2017
*gasps*whispers* Why would you do this to us Siri? Why would you betray us?
itzdracopottahh itzdracopottahh Oct 13, 2017
I saw that this was a dramione fic and I had two minds to read it cause I seriously hate dramione with a passion....I'm only here for tomarry so I'll just ignore dramione bleh