Adrien/ChatNoir X Reader

Adrien/ChatNoir X Reader

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♡Dabi♡ By TogamiNagitoLover Updated Oct 02, 2016

So For Chat Noir FanGirls Out There This Will Be A Chat Noir X Reader For You Guys 

SuperHero Name:Dragon Fox 

(Y/N)-Your Name

(L/N)-Last Name

(E/C)-Eye Color 

(Y/H/C)-Your Hair Color

  (Y/S/H/O)-Your SuperHero Outfit  


Crush:Adrein AKA Chat Noir (U love them both) 


Personality:Nice and kind, everyone loved you except Chloe (Why my name ugh whatever) 


W3r3_a11_mad_H3r3 W3r3_a11_mad_H3r3 Feb 22, 2016
A staff, whip, and katanas, with an occasional throwing star just in case
oOTropical_BirdOo oOTropical_BirdOo Jun 18, 2016
*wobbles backwards* Bruh that's....*coughs* MADNESS *disappears*
KirstenMirsten KirstenMirsten Feb 14, 2016
I'm homeschooled and am going to attend 'Real School' next school year.
fyckfuck fyckfuck Mar 04, 2016
Not to be 'that guy' but it really bugs me when people mess up their,they're, and there. XV
Yandere_Punzie Yandere_Punzie Feb 08, 2016
I don't want to move away from Japan! I want to live there D: (anime side coming out :P)
Borderline_Fluffnutt Borderline_Fluffnutt Mar 05, 2016
Why isn't there a fanfic where we aren't a superhero???? U know what I make make one....if I don't put it off whenever I plan to write it