Tongue Tied {Hisoka x reader}

Tongue Tied {Hisoka x reader}

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kamichichi By kamichichi Updated Jul 28, 2016

All she really wanted to do was to get stronger so she took the hunter exam. This was NOT supposed to happen. Why did that creepy jester have to keep bothering her anyway? Couldn't he just get over himself and move on? Well, it was partly her fault but really, he should just learn how personal space works.

Hisoka x reader/oc , probably going to have a lemon eventualllyyyyyy but not yet!
TBH, I just wanted a story where the main chara doesn't fall in love with Hisoka at first glance so that's why I wrote this! I hope you enjoy ;) Follows the 2011 anime!!

WARNINGS: mature language, eventual sexual situations

super_who_loki super_who_loki Jul 07, 2016
The image I'd thought of before I read this description was really only different in that her shirt has no sleeves. That's weird. "It's like I have ESPN or something!"
Hina_Kanzaki Hina_Kanzaki Jun 19, 2016
Actually I am Gons age but I usually would think  about how things could go wrong and end up with me dying.
SMDaoba2 SMDaoba2 Jul 13, 2016
I feel the same damn way when I do jumping jacks or running tracks at school 😵😨 it's so embarrassing..
Alamatrix Alamatrix Jan 13
A will
                              I say you should die with hour belongings
                              Once you got anime
                              (Which is all your belongings)
                              I don't think you need a significant other.
kaluwa_31 kaluwa_31 Apr 01, 2016
I really love your story and I hope you'll update soon...😊
Talk about depressing princessserina111. but I love that line so very much "I like living thank you very much"  is always so funny