Tongue Tied {Hisoka x reader}

Tongue Tied {Hisoka x reader}

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kamichichi By kamichichi Updated Jul 28, 2016

All she really wanted to do was to get stronger so she took the hunter exam. This was NOT supposed to happen. Why did that creepy jester have to keep bothering her anyway? Couldn't he just get over himself and move on? Well, it was partly her fault but really, he should just learn how personal space works.

Hisoka x reader/oc , probably going to have a lemon eventualllyyyyyy but not yet!
TBH, I just wanted a story where the main chara doesn't fall in love with Hisoka at first glance so that's why I wrote this! I hope you enjoy ;) Follows the 2011 anime!!

WARNINGS: mature language, eventual sexual situations

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Why does this sound like a horror movie?😂
                              Jaws is that you?
Eomma_Jin_ Eomma_Jin_ Mar 14
I would have ran towards Killua and told him "pretend you know me and start having a conversation with me"
If I die by hisokas hands, then I'll most definitely enjoy every last bit with open arms.
Id most likely just slowly disappear into the crowd, ducking.
Talk about depressing princessserina111. but I love that line so very much "I like living thank you very much"  is always so funny
daydreamer12321 daydreamer12321 Oct 12, 2016
Tonpa... just listen to the smart lady and go somewhere else