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What happens, Happens » Natsu X Reader

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(Y/N)» Chapter "5" 

I don't go for bad boys, because I know they'll break your heart. But he already did when he told me he only is pretending to date me, just to make her jealous, or get over her at least. Why can't he know I love him?

» It's my first story now shush

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- - May 10
Love this story already! It has such great grammar, spelling, and punctuation! :) ^^
One question if my last name is Cheney why did you write (L/N)
tudogg tudogg Jul 01
I just made the most unidentifiable sound ever. I dont think its possible to repeat
Annaz1260 Annaz1260 Aug 31
No, becuz 1. He DESPERATELY NEEDS a gf.
                              2.He just MIGHT USE you. 
                              3. Or maybe cuz he LIKES you. 
                              4. BRUH.
Annaz1260 Annaz1260 Aug 31
Technically, we all ain't a virgin. Cuz life *screwed us all.
MayaK007 MayaK007 Jul 01
I've always imagined myself in the opposite situation.  
                              Me as Natsu's sister, and in love with Rogue.