What happens, Happens » Natsu X Reader

What happens, Happens » Natsu X Reader

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(Y/N)» Chapter "5" 

I don't go for bad boys, because I know they'll break your heart. But he already did when he told me he only is pretending to date me, just to make her jealous, or get over her at least. Why can't he know I love him?

» It's my first story now shush

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LolaAsh5 LolaAsh5 Nov 20, 2017
                              Someone:what's wrong
                              Me:I don't want to talk about it :c
                              Someone:oh you-
                              Me:SHUT UP IDIOT
Cream__Puff Cream__Puff Aug 31, 2017
No, becuz 1. He DESPERATELY NEEDS a gf.
                              2.He just MIGHT USE you. 
                              3. Or maybe cuz he LIKES you. 
                              4. BRUH.
LaurinPastellx LaurinPastellx Dec 21, 2017
Quiin Cheney 
                              Long Brown Hair
                              Red and Dark Forest Green Eyes. 
                              (Suffers Heterochromia which means the other orb of the eye is a different color from the other eye.)
LaurinPastellx LaurinPastellx Dec 21, 2017
Hello, yes. Would you like some ice to pack that burn the reader just gave you? Well too bad, you can't. 
                              //walks away like a potato carrying the ice packs.
Vogue Cheney long black hair, I usually do pink eyes but I'll do red instead
KathrineWritez KathrineWritez Nov 19, 2017
Maia Cheney -
                              Long hair - 
                              Pastel purple hair -
                              Obsidian/Black eyes -