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Not Your Average Girl (Sting X Reader X Gray)

Not Your Average Girl (Sting X Reader X Gray)

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Akane By yuki078 Updated Feb 05

(Y/N) Dragneel is the little angel of fairy tail, and natsu's sister. What happens when she's back 5 days before the tenrou group comes back? Who will be the one that is going to win her love : her childhood best friend or the cocky rival.

Lilywrites_k Lilywrites_k Jun 25, 2016
Tbh I was a spoiled brat and my perents always got me hair dye spry that comes off with water and it was pink do I looked like this no lie
KooKoo_Kookie KooKoo_Kookie Nov 23, 2016
...most of the girls at my school have chests that are x 10 bigger than mine...ITS NOT LIKE I LOOK THO I MNEA ITS REALLY OBVIOUS I HAVE A SMALLER CHEST COMPARED TO THEM!!!😱😱😅
                              AND IT SUCKS WITH HORNY TEENAGE BOYS IN SCHOOL!
WolfGirlHowler WolfGirlHowler Oct 02, 2016
That's Mira alright XD I love kid-Mira, she's like me but actually confident =P
KooKoo_Kookie KooKoo_Kookie Nov 23, 2016
I've always been curious about what that phrase meant or like phrases similar to it...I mean like I always thought it either meant pain or 'duh' moments...idk I'm sorry for wasting your time😅
Jazitrix Jazitrix Sep 06, 2016
Ok. I'm just saying, I lover Mira and all but Kid-Mira is a total bish