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Emily By Mistycamron Completed

Sean likes mark, but what happens when Sean has a shocking realization.

ALSO - this story is stupid (I'm the author I would know), I didn't know Sean's girlfriends name when I wrote this and I was to damn lazy to google it so her name is Cassidy or what ever.  Authors edit -July 30th 2016-


This story is purely fiction and in no way true, just the creation of my mind, if you are sensitive to themes of Cutting, Suicide, or Sex, I wish you not to read this fanfiction. Although if you Shen no problem with this, then read on, I hope you enjoy

And like is said, sex does come to play in this story but it's not graphic, because that's a little far.

Singe is her real name, Wiishu is her username which everyone uses
NeoWonders331 NeoWonders331 Aug 28, 2016
*In an lgbtq+ awareness commercial*
                              Sean: I was so happy after I came out to my girlfriend....wait, hold on-
                              *Cuts him off as the commercial fades off to the t.v show*
                              Welp...that makes me almost want to come out of the closet, but it's kinda comfortable here...
KaterinaPotterhead KaterinaPotterhead Dec 26, 2016
And because not enough people have already answered that,
                              it's Signe.
                              But it's pronounced as cena...
                              You're welcome :)