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RP School for Delinquents and Mentally Disturbed

RP School for Delinquents and Mentally Disturbed

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Allison :) By alliwallace Updated Mar 07, 2016

This is a school for those who either were too much for their other school and got kicked out or were too crazy and disturbed and no one knew what to do with them. Come join and role play between characters.

YesImLeviAckerman YesImLeviAckerman 3 days ago
Name: Derek 
                              Age: 15
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Grade: 10th 
                              M or D: Delinquent
                              He has done a lot of robberies mostly jewelry 
                              Looks/traits: orange hair and green eyes. A tattoo of a sword on his right arm.
                              Personality: shady but nice.
                              Background: raised as a bad kid.
                              Other: he is single and loves animals.
Alas_Earwax Alas_Earwax Jun 27
Name:Halina Gutierrez
                              Killed a gang had visions about the future
                              Traits:black hair, brown eyse, light mocha skin, black glasses, skinny jeans and sassy t shirt
spicymemz spicymemz 6 days ago
                              Delinquent and mental
                              What he do:he got very mad and went on a rampage beating up this one dude who provoked him off the edge
                              Looks:semi long hair, scar across nose, 6ft flat
                              Likes:nice people, things to occupy him
                              Personality: to.unstable
Emma or Am
                              Demiromantic and Asexual
                              Mental and a little bit of a delinquent 
                              She scared all her class with her deep thoughts and got blamed fot vandalizing the headteachers office 
                              Brown eyes Blue hair and light tan skin
                              personslity:it could change at any second.
- - Dec 17, 2016
*glances at Steve the giant rabbit*
                              I think this will be great don't you?
                              Steve: Quite so.