I'm Whose Mate?  (Slow updates)

I'm Whose Mate? (Slow updates)

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1D are my kings By _musicistheanswer_ Updated Nov 08

"I turn around to see the alpha King himself. My.mate. Oh sh*t"

Alpha King Damon M. Barbosa is the cruelest and darkest man you will ever meet. 

Nicole rose woods the sweetest girl but with a little sass. One big difference between the two. One is a human and one is a werewolf. 

What happens when Nicole goes to the royal party and finds out the that she is the alpha kings mate? Will she accept her fate and stay with him? Or figure out how to escape from him?

I thought u were actually talking about yourself I was so confused😂
                              :shudders: they say that EXACT line!!!! :shudders....shudders....shudders:
Awesome!!!! That would be GREAT!!! Lol total opposites Surgeon and tat artist😄😃
Hello_lol21 Hello_lol21 Mar 30
Ooooo snap i never heard a joke like that lol 😂😂😂😂
I was laughing so hard and my dad was staring at me like I am mental... Probably am
lovelytay16 lovelytay16 Jun 03
U should have to show them how much they disturbed your soul!