Help.(A Glenn Rhee Fanfiction.)

Help.(A Glenn Rhee Fanfiction.)

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Zayn's Babe~ By glenn001 Completed

Jessica Lerman is a girl who likes to keep to herself. She was alone since the beginning. The first week of the apocalypse, her dad and brother were bit.

She ends up running into a group of people and winds up liking them, so she stays with them. But, in the process, ends up falling for a certain Korean man. Is it safe to say they'll make it in the apocalypse?

Read to find out.

kinkysalvatore kinkysalvatore Oct 31, 2016
I'm from the uk so idk that accent so I just watched a video on YouTube of someone with a Kentucky accent
Frisky11 Frisky11 Dec 26, 2016
That describes me but i only have a couple flannels no converse and only a couple pairs of jeans
-carzi -carzi Nov 22, 2016
just watch the first episode of season 7. negan you little geseke
infernal_stars infernal_stars Nov 03, 2016
Please have mercy on me. Take it easy on my heart 🎤❤️
Frisky11 Frisky11 Dec 26, 2016
You described me minus the highlights i grew up in louisville but now i live in brandonburg
StarForce1109 StarForce1109 Dec 24, 2016
That's what I where all the time tho I need more shirts flannels and jeans. I outgrew the jeans and some shirts /flannels but other flannels I ripped 😢(MY CONVERSE ARE OK THO! ✊)