Help.(A Glenn Rhee Fanfiction.)

Help.(A Glenn Rhee Fanfiction.)

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Zayn's Babe~ By glenn001 Completed

Jessica Lerman is a girl who likes to keep to herself. She was alone since the beginning. The first week of the apocalypse, her dad and brother were bit.

She ends up running into a group of people and winds up liking them, so she stays with them. But, in the process, ends up falling for a certain Korean man. Is it safe to say they'll make it in the apocalypse?

Read to find out.

I'm from the uk so idk that accent so I just watched a video on YouTube of someone with a Kentucky accent
just watch the first episode of season 7. negan you little geseke
Please have mercy on me. Take it easy on my heart 🎤❤️
I'm gonna start reading this story because I want the pain to go away... (07x01)