Wrong Taxi Number (camren)

Wrong Taxi Number (camren)

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Lauren took out her phone and in her drunken state, clumsily searches for the taxi contact (that she hasn't ever used but keeps in her phone just because) and hits call. 

The other person answers and Lauren starts to speak while her phone shakes in her hand. "Hey, I'm at this club called Wind Down and I don't really know how to get home. Also, everything's kind of a blur which is weird since I have 20/20 vision. Also, there are people here trying to take advantage of me. I drank some stuff but I'm not that drunk- but I certainly can't drive in this state...can you pick me up right now?"

"...Sure." A girl's voice replied. "I need you to stay right outside of the club though. Be careful, please." A tone of worry came into the girl's voice.

"Ok...please hurry."

Rockiiiiiii Rockiiiiiii Dec 18, 2016
You know a story is about to be lit when you see first time comments
priscila_cabello priscila_cabello 2 days ago
Or maybe Camila is a serial killer that wants to kill Lauren and she told Lauren her name was Karla so Lauren wouldn't recognise her from all the wanted signs c:
inlovewithallyhills inlovewithallyhills Dec 11, 2016
It's lauren guys and it's a fanfic. Lauren's always oblivious in every fic. It's like an unwritten rule or something xD
"I'm not that drunk" sure Jan sure. 
                              We all know your ass is drunk
gaymilaa gaymilaa 6 days ago
i wish i could type in a random number and it would end up being camila
ksdharmony ksdharmony Dec 25, 2016
anyone else realize this is what Lauren said at the airport talking about Lana