So True

So True

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Just random posts about life!!!! Very relatable post to read when bored or just feel like reading something easy. There's crap on here about life, stuff about school, and just junk. 

Relate post: 
YouTube is addictive. One minute I'm watch a music video, but then minutes later I'm watching a video on how to make ice cream. 

School post:  
When you accidentally call your teacher mom or grandma.

(( some of these are from Pinterest, others I came up with. ))

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TrainsRus TrainsRus Apr 19
Or when someone is talking really seriously to you but then you laugh and they're like, whAts so fUnnY????!!!
kingjareth kingjareth Apr 09
Honestly , one of my teachers stares at me whenever she makes a speech and I have to bite the corners of my mouth to prevent myself from laughing
Or when you say you aren't lying and the other person gives you that look and it makes you smile.
ame31904 ame31904 Mar 16
When someone thinks you are lying because you are smiling...
tay-dai tay-dai Nov 23, 2016
I'm already relating to this book on the first part. XDD 👌🏻
FindingPoetry FindingPoetry Dec 01, 2016
IKR! Or when someone accuses me of something then I accidentally smile and they think I really did it when I just smile when I shouldn't haha