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His Lady

His Lady

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❥ bugaboo By OneDirectionsFrostie Updated Jun 19

Marinette is a simple, ordinary girl. A high school student living in Paris, hoping to achieve her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. But for now she'll just be a clumsy girl who has this gigantic crush on a guy named Adrien, who's not into her. Although she has a secret, for she is one of the greatest superheroes, Ladybug! Along side her partner Chat Noir who is secretly Adrien and he has a crush on Ladybug but he doesn't know that Marinette is Ladybug. On top of that, a villain named Hawk Moth sends akumas to go and turn people evil so they can retrieve Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculous'! They usually defeat all of them but what would happen if they didn't defeat a villain? Or if their true identities were discovered? Or if Hawk Moth really got their Miraculous'? It's all confusing but it's in this book.

CinderPuppyEyes CinderPuppyEyes Apr 16, 2016
Oh crud. He's probably gonna tell Adrien that a girl with blueish hair and blue bell eyes aka the girl who sits behind him in class, IS LADYBUG!!!!
your_local_bookworm your_local_bookworm Mar 18, 2016
In the French version, they say ", Tikki, transformé moi!" which is "Tikki, transform me." I like the English dub better though. Sounds cooler.
shortbeauty14 shortbeauty14 Jul 13, 2016
Sounds like me and my bff(crush) 😅I'm always apologizing and hes always laughing
- - Mar 06, 2016
Is "spots on" how they transform in the English dub because I only watch the French and Korean dub and they say "transform me" according to the subtitles
nightwatcher_zx nightwatcher_zx Mar 29, 2016
I'm also very impressed with how you came up with the Lucky Charm!! It's not easy thinking up of one ;)
Ariabunny101 Ariabunny101 Apr 09, 2016
Me : Did you eat some kinda devil fruit Mari because how the heck superhero or not can you just shrug it off?
                              *New found respect for the little bug
                              Ladybug : I ain't little!