Rising Destiny (The Jedi's Final Hope Book 2) (Luke Skywalker Fanfiction)

Rising Destiny (The Jedi's Final Hope Book 2) (Luke Skywalker Fanfiction)

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Hope has been separated from her rebel friends for quite some time now, but once she completes her training she returns to the Rebel base which has been moved to the Hoth system. But when the empire finds the base after a fight for their lives, Hope, Luke, Han, and Leia escape the base but while being followed closely by the empire. Hope's ship is hit when she and Luke get separated and takes refuge in the Falcon with Han, Leia, and Chewbacca. Meanwhile Luke trains in the Dagobah system with Yoda just as Hope had and leaves to save his friends when he not only sees Hope's dark future of suffering but he sees the suffering of all his rebel friends. With both Luke and Hope's emotions towards each other getting in the way of their mission and in a dangerous change of fate, Vader's two targeted Jedi Knights face a darker future then they could ever foresee coming. 

All characters except Hope belong to George Lucas, storyline of "Empire strikes back" also belongs to George Lucas. 

(Book 1- A Jedi's Final Hope (based on events from "A new hope" with some changes due to Hope's actions in the story)
(Book 2- Rising Destiny ( based on events from "The Empire strikes back" with some changes because of Hope again.) 
(Book 3-4 (will be based on events from "Return of the Jedi" and a story before "The Force Awakens")

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