Jock Levi X Nerd Male Reader

Jock Levi X Nerd Male Reader

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Levi. The definition of god's beautiful art work. At least, I thought he was... 

I stood at my locker, that was just around the corner from Levi and the other jocks on the football team.

I stayed after school just to watch Levi practice. It was my only hobby. 

It wasn't disgusting, right? I was just watching... I'm not trying to be a perv-! 

"Hey, what the hell are you doing!?" a male from the football team asked. I looked back at my locker and picked out my jacket. 

I looked over at Levi, my thin round glasses almost falling of my face with a quick turn. 

He was looking at me!!! 

"I-I-I-I was just getting my locker! I mean! I-I was getting my jacket!!"

"Lies, you creep," he male smirked. "You were watching us change..."

"N-No, I wasn't!" I whimpered. I gasped as I was grabbed by my collar and shoved into a locker. 

I ducked as I was just about to get punched. I grabbed my book bag and put it on one shoulder. 

I scattered out the locker room, half of the team chasing. I felt...

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2012 me: ew I'm not a lesbian.
                              Me now: SPOILER ALERT BITCH YOU GAY AND TRANS
Yeah, I was throwing rainbows again in the hallways thinking I was in the baseball field
M/n( My version ): Yes I was...But it was to see him! *Points at Levi* 
                              Levi: *Stuffs M/n into a locker* 
                              M/n: Aww...But I ship us together!
- - Aug 01
Okay, but get bright red colored contacts. Scare the shot out of some people. "I AM SATAN"
mea_kuun mea_kuun Jun 05
That is a lie I'm so blind that my vision is in the negatives I kid you not it is -5/20 yeah
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Take some that can see with out glasses and rip there eyes out and use them instead.....................what its a normal thing to do ok, I think !??!?!!? 🤔🤔😐😐🤔🤔