Jock Levi X Nerd Male Reader

Jock Levi X Nerd Male Reader

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Levi. The definition of god's beautiful art work. At least, I thought he was... 

I stood at my locker, that was just around the corner from Levi and the other jocks on the football team.

I stayed after school just to watch Levi practice. It was my only hobby. 

It wasn't disgusting, right? I was just watching... I'm not trying to be a perv-! 

"Hey, what the hell are you doing!?" a male from the football team asked. I looked back at my locker and picked out my jacket. 

I looked over at Levi, my thin round glasses almost falling of my face with a quick turn. 

He was looking at me!!! 

"I-I-I-I was just getting my locker! I mean! I-I was getting my jacket!!"

"Lies, you creep," he male smirked. "You were watching us change..."

"N-No, I wasn't!" I whimpered. I gasped as I was grabbed by my collar and shoved into a locker. 

I ducked as I was just about to get punched. I grabbed my book bag and put it on one shoulder. 

I scattered out the locker room, half of the team chasing. I felt...

So Jean, but I pretty sure ur not supposed to have sex with horses.
I have a lipstick knife and I'm not afraid to smudge a bitch
Yes but if only this was a jean x male reader why must you do this to me 😭😭
                              I think I might of gotten a little carried away.....sorry."
                              Levi: "Tch, damn brat
                              Meh: Why is chu so mean..? (T^T)
                              Levi: ...
ItsLily1 ItsLily1 Oct 24
Those glasses cost me $400 Lyle you better hope they aren't broken or instead of gay i'll scare you straight.
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The only Armin scream I could think of was the eagle screach