Agents On Campus

Agents On Campus

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TheCoffeeshopAddicts By CoffeeshopAddicts Updated Feb 22

In a private high school off the shores of New Jersey, three students have been murdered.
The killer is someone inside the school.

Four teenage agents have been training for nearly ten years, anxiously awaiting their first assignment. Finally, their long-awaited assignment shows up.
They are sent to go undercover in the school. 
Their job is to solve the murders before anyone else is harmed.	

Will they be able to catch the killer before he/she strikes again?

  • aaron
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  • alex
  • campus
  • colette
  • elvira
  • ggpc
  • highschool
  • love
  • meredith
  • montgomory
  • mystery
  • oakton
  • parker
  • sami
  • spy
  • suspense
  • undercover
  • veronica
I'm in the middle of another Harry Potter marathon right now 😂👌🏽
bretheblessing bretheblessing Sep 18, 2016
Sooooo so sry I'm writing so many comments for the people who are getting annoyed by my comments I'm sry...but I just home that it's in Samantha's pov
--ls22 --ls22 Jul 08, 2016
This is a great story, with an intriguing plot.  I really like the Harry Potter reference 😆; the whole chapter is so well written! 😄  I'd really appreciate it if you could read a chapter or two of my story 'A is for Archer', thanks!
bretheblessing bretheblessing Sep 18, 2016
At first I was like 'dude are these the four kids?!' And waddaya know?😂
dpbij1 dpbij1 Jun 18, 2016
Plot is interesting! Would like some reads on my book 'run away', i read and follow back, thanks!
bretheblessing bretheblessing Sep 18, 2016
Revenge on the school...imagine it was all because of an A- instead of getting an A 😂😂