Tris Pedrad

Tris Pedrad

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ljens2005 By ljens2005 Updated Dec 03, 2017

6 years earlier

"No"I yell at my sobbing mom. "Daddy can't be dead"Uriah my twin brother says. "How did he die?" Asks Zeke
"He was running on the train and he slipped and fell in the cracks."Mommy says.

I don't know what I'm doing I just run out of the hallway,and out of Dauntless Compound,I jump on the train and jump off at my destination which was at the old pond Uriah,Zeke,Daddy,and I found once.

I start sobbing and throwing grass and sticks until I hear a voice. I turn and see a little Abnegation boy standing next to a clump of grass. "What's wrong?" he says. I decide to tell him he looks nice enough. "My daddy died today" I say sadly. "Oh I'm sorry."he says

I walk up to him and stick out my hand for him to shake but he looks confused. Then I remember.... "Sorry I forgot you were abnegation but you shake it". He shakes it and I tell him. "My names Beatrice but people call me Tris." I say. "My names Tobias." he says. "You wanna be friends." I say

"Sure"he says. "Let's meet here...

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I like it and my favorite meal is tacos or chicken tenders and fries