Lovestruck By The Bad Boy [Completed]

Lovestruck By The Bad Boy [Completed]

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Ananya By Lovestruck_gal Updated Jul 12, 2017

*Highest rank #9 in Teen fiction *

Adam Smith popularly know as the badass of the school is - Wild, charming,  and a womanizer. He's  known for-
1) His intense passion for music
2)He always gets what he wants. He doesn't hear a no.
Haunted by the ghosts of his past for him winning girls is a game and his sex god looks doesn't make that difficult for him !

Enter Holly McCarthy new admission. She has a good life, best grades, and stays clear of trouble. She has always been headstrong and stubborn AF. She's the sort of girl who falls in love with the smallest things. Cliché movies and flowers can sweep her off her feet!

They say opposites attract don't they ??? 
Sparks fly when Adam and Holly first meet. After Holly SLAPS him in front of a huge crowd Adam's ego is hurt. He is now determined to take revenge & make her his. 

Betting 10 grand, that he will get her in bed in 1 week Adam becomes an irresistible guy.

Entering into his world Holly feels like  she has just started to live life. Wild adventures follow them everyday.
 But what happens when someone from Adam's past comes back to seek revenge. Holly finds herself trapped in this situation. Risking everything, Adam tries his best to protect Holly from the danger. But life isn't as simple as that is it?

 As Holly gets lovestruck by the bad boy and Adam by the good girl, how will their love story unfold with ghosts of Adam9's past lingering all around him ??? 
Will he win the bet ?
What happens when she finds out about the bet ?

I suck at descriptions. I request you guys to give my story a chance 
*puppy dog eyes*

Cover by @IamTheBusDriver

*contains strong language and lots of swearing*

Copyright © Ananya Varma, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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Schlemm_Schlemm Schlemm_Schlemm Jul 18, 2017
u said u sucked at descriptions but I thought ups was pretty good
lowkeyykalie lowkeyykalie Jul 22, 2017
The first thing that came to my head while reading this was "Hello, It's Hannah. Hannah Baker, live and in stereo, no need to change the volume on... whatever device your listening to this on. This is the story of my life... more specifically why my life ended" 😂😂
21Quacker 21Quacker Sep 17, 2017
my friend's name is Holly McCarthy and then i have another friend named Holly McCartney
I would love to have the night of my life but  what @mymz11  I can’t for the same reason
I smelled trouble... and srsly heavenly smelling male cologne
mymz11 mymz11 Apr 04, 2017
Same I wanna let free but can't I have to do it for my family friends and reputation oh and I want to do crazy things like skydiving not getting drunk