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Aravan {A Lord of the Rings Story}

Aravan {A Lord of the Rings Story}

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Madison R. Tassi By passerbyarmy99 Completed

'Doomed sleep until the time
When it is right to awaken
Unaware of the mountain she must climb
Her past, present, and future forced to be forsaken,
The maiden sleeps, unwilling to stir
Until the loud, blaring horn, causing the ground to be shaken,
Raises her from the dead, and into action she is spurred.'
When a young girl wakes up in the middle of a forest in the company of a strange, hooded figure who claims to be her guide, she is unaware of what to do. She cannot recall how she got there, why she might be there, or even what her own name is. Unsure and afraid, she must force herself to trust the unusual man to lead her across Middle Earth to Lothlórien, where it is said that the lady Galadriel can give her answers about her identity and her purpose, which could very well change the course of her world's history. (A Lord of the Rings Story)

*I am aware that there are two forms of Elvish; I will be using both as I am able to translate as needed. 
**I have noticed that many LOTR stories have very similar storylines on here. If you are reading this and you feel that it is a copy of your own, please let me know and I will try to fix it so that it is not so similar.
***All rights belong to J.R.R. Tolkien and New Line Cinema. As everyone always says: No copyright infringement intended.

So few people actually take the time to research things like elvish and Middle earth's geography, you're the first taste of true Middle earth I've had in awhile. Beautiful
Aglarieth Aglarieth May 30, 2016
So sometimes I think that my writing is decent... But then i read stuff like this and I'm like: "No I am no where near decent" ... This is truly amazing. It is rare that you get to read something like this on Wattpad. Love it so far
FamilyTrooper FamilyTrooper Dec 30, 2015
Wow, I haven't seen much of this sort of writing on Wattpad in ages.
Faelain Faelain Oct 06, 2015
I wonder if he actually does know who she is, because Artanis means "Noble Woman" in Elvish :')
Madie2k Madie2k Mar 22, 2015
This is magnificently written! One of the little quirks about your book that I enjoyed was the quotations, just like Tolkien himself wrote. I loved it!
- - Nov 22, 2014
Amazing descriptions!! You could probably get this published! It's great.