Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

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HisAngel By HisAngel11 Updated Jan 08, 2016

The second book of Beauty and The Beast.

No matter how strong their love are, they would never get away from fate. When god powerfully insists to play with them once again, they have to suffer once again from losing each other.

For their first year of marriage, they have to face the fate that tries to separate them again. Can the mighty most powerful billionaire James Black stands to lose his other half again ? What would happen to the beauty Cassandra ? Find out whose blood is scattered on the street.

The story has a little twisted with the first one. There will be some differences. From the setting of the place, the characteristics of the character, but still has the glamour and jetsetters life. Will they be together again to reach that famous happily ever after ?

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TheBoredCookie TheBoredCookie Nov 05, 2017
A New Yorker would say, “Don’t call me ma’am! It’s disrespectful!” Ma’am is a Southern thing.
Sparkles_01 Sparkles_01 Sep 25, 2017
Im so confused 🤷‍♀️ can someone help me here plz and thx😘
TheBoredCookie TheBoredCookie Nov 05, 2017
So the bodyguard’s name is Costner. The movie, The Bodyguard, from the 90’s, was played by Kevin Costner. Coincidence? I think not...well played, well played.
futureloved futureloved Mar 28
I beg you for a happy ending. I can feel the story, okay. I can have a heart attack if this will have a tragic ending. Hehehehehe.... ♥♥♥
Hi123he123 Hi123he123 May 11
The ending of the first book was when some sorta accident occurred after she caught James cheating,  sooooo I’m guessing she survived and everything worked out...idk??
madeleine309 madeleine309 Jul 30, 2017
This is the first year of their marriage and she's going to lead up to the part she left off on I think