Saving Him (Fred Weasley X Reader)

Saving Him (Fred Weasley X Reader)

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C.B Blue By RenegadeXwriter Updated Nov 13

I didn't draw the fanart used in the cover, I only edited the red X on it and the title of the story. Found the art here

You are just a typical fangirl reading the last book in your favorite series that is until you get to your favorite character's, Fred Weasley, death. Then you have to stop and cry for about an hour. You then make a wish, that if you could go into the book you could stop it, it would be awesome.

Hey guys so this is my second X reader, just to let you know I will be addressing the reader with female pronouns, but dudes and other genders don't let it stop you from reading, I'm sorry I don't use they/ them type pronouns but it's just easier for me to write it as just one gender (which usually tends to be female) 

I've said it in other books and I'll say it again: THERE WILL BE NO SMUT IN THIS! All will be PG-13 of sorts. Got it? Good

Anywho I hope you enjoy this and if you like star wars (Kylo Ren) then read my previous X Reader

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DaRubyNinja DaRubyNinja Jul 01
do you think it's weird if I have a crush on ..... Fred Weasley in real life
lexihart007 lexihart007 Nov 19
I'm not over this. This is not fair!!!! He hadn't even got to live his life! He should have married Angelina Johnson! He should of had children of his own and stayed with his brother George! ;-;
emmystiles emmystiles Mar 13
Totally me. I do that all them time.            👁❤️📚
This..... No....... The one who died with a smile on his face....
GhostlyWonder GhostlyWonder Oct 15, 2016
I'm already sobbing and I haven't even finished reading this paragraph
I'm literally covering dos paragraph with my hand saying "nope nope don't need to read this"