A Dangerous Game (Miniminter fanfic)

A Dangerous Game (Miniminter fanfic)

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From meeting someone online to meeting up and dating them, is it really love?

17 year old 'dare devil' Layla meets Simon Minter on Omegle. After meeting up and become friends for months, Layla starts to fall for Simon. 

Does he love her? Or is he just using her? 

Their relationship has to be private, but that's just part of the fun, right?

Is this all just a dangerous game?

Nothing. I love the pump of blood and now being able to sit down for 3 hours.
Cattyxoxo Cattyxoxo Sep 27
When you need to do it in shorts and a short sleeved shirt in the snowy British weather
I love pewds and obviously the sidemen. Don't you watch jacksepticeye and markiplier too? I do because they're best friends with Pewds/Felix.
Having to sit in  sweat and feel disgusting the rest of the day until you get home
JJKnight3 JJKnight3 Jun 18
Everything is not to love. Running non stop, out in cold weather.
I hate PE 😑my teachers made me do 1 extra lap to make up for all the times I didn't go to the lesson