Fate Like Fool ♚ BTS×LOVELYZ

Fate Like Fool ♚ BTS×LOVELYZ

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b t s v e l y z🌹 By frhwonu- Completed

"This fate like fool cursed me"

Two groups, 14 hearts, 2 hearts connected as 1 while the love for the fateful person grows stronger.

They hate, despise and fight with each other each time they meet even if it's only a small matter. Not knowing each other's pain and sufferings, Lovelyz and BTS have to move in under the same roof. 

Because of the cruel past they had, Lovelyz determined to be stronger. They hate to be weak and useless, even more when it's about BTS. But the hidden tears will soon stream down their cheeks as time goes by. Whether if it is the tears of sadness or happiness, we never know.

The third person is not the problem between their relationships. It's all about time and sacrifices. Will their fate intertwined with each other? Will time heals the overwhelming pain they felt? Will Lovelyz realize how love can change their cruel world into a happy one?


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SonesArmy14 SonesArmy14 Jun 27, 2017
Bu..bu...but I cant imagine Kei doing this 😂 lol this is so different. Good 😍
Peachy_Unicorn Peachy_Unicorn Aug 23, 2017
I really like how you didn't make all the members hate each other (taehyung and sujeong). Great story!
LovelyRyu LovelyRyu Mar 13, 2016
Finally! I found a book that Lovelyz's actions are already different! Yesh!
benbits90 benbits90 Jun 03, 2016
When u made lovelyz into zylevol 😂 omo, nice development. Keep it up! 👊
daydreamtowrite daydreamtowrite Apr 24, 2016
I was intrigued because this fic appears from my home, it appears Wattpad displayed this as "You'll also like" and I didn't regret to stumble upon this fic.
                              And it seems interesting~
jhxpe_ jhxpe_ May 31, 2016