Kaisoo Smut Oneshots

Kaisoo Smut Oneshots

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~❤Kaisoo❤~ By MinellaParkII Updated Jan 10, 2016


Reminder : all of the one shots here are 'not mine'. Ill give credits to the owners of the stories so don't call it plagiarism.

Warning: yaoi, smut 

P.S: If your not comfortable with the Rated M stories, then I suggest you to leave. But if you're really a pervy who likes to read dirty stories, then you're free to read this right now.

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Don't know if I'm shaking of excitement or that I'm walking in like -10 degrees
i can never take the v line seriously
                              all i think is taehyung when i see the letter v
I would NEVER let go of my tiger and Stitch doll, so don't you dare put the blame on the poor Pororo doll *pouts angrily*
Real brother or just like best friend you so close you my brother type of brother
Kris346 Kris346 Oct 19
I feel so guilty for reading I should stop * reads it all * 😤🙏👌
A friend of mine read Pororo as porno once and I have never been so disappointed in  my life before