Kaisoo Smut Oneshots

Kaisoo Smut Oneshots

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~❤Kaisoo❤~ By MinellaParkII Updated Jan 10, 2016


Reminder : all of the one shots here are 'not mine'. Ill give credits to the owners of the stories so don't call it plagiarism.

Warning: yaoi, smut 

P.S: If your not comfortable with the Rated M stories, then I suggest you to leave. But if you're really a pervy who likes to read dirty stories, then you're free to read this right now.

XuiminIsMyBias101 XuiminIsMyBias101 7 days ago
I read thick as chick and I laughed out loud because the author described his dick as small ASDFGHJKL
I was like okay okay incest who cares oooooohh that's ho--WHAT THE HELL!
And bam.
                              My thighs are wet.
                              From the holy water while reading da bible.
*insert that one picture of kyungsoo creepily looking at the camera while smiling ominously and looking at you like you had it coming*
TheSadYola TheSadYola Jul 29
Why is this so well written? I hate the fact that they are brothers but otherwise this is a realy good fanfic
Seulgimywife Seulgimywife Jan 05, 2016
I like warnings because it means that it will be interesting!!