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Call me...Captain Lungs. It has a nice ring to it... By ChloeAteMyLungs Updated Nov 01, 2010

It felt like a kiss...a kiss on reality...bubbling away under the molten lava. It felt like a time falutered...and gave birth to a new breed of hero... It felt like a kiss...not with the lips...but with a strong, arrogant fist. Hold on...WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HITTING ME?!

Enjoy Sci-Fi? THEN YOU'LL LOVE GWINNEVEL! Follow the adventures of a cocky crew of bishie guys and beautiful girls in a very simple quest. DESTROY THE EARTH! ...while tring not to get killed on the way.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance.

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dont_shoot_please dont_shoot_please Nov 22, 2010
Wow, this is almost out of this world, its amazing... the guys sounds so awsome, lol Please upload more, soon... You have my vote! :D xxx
ChloeAteMyLungs ChloeAteMyLungs Nov 17, 2010
@callmeagummybear haha if Rhed knew you said that (also if he was real XD) he's definately give you a snuggle :D If Merris knew...he'd go in a huff with you <3
ChloeAteMyLungs ChloeAteMyLungs Nov 13, 2010
@JayJayM1 lol I think I will..I'll wait for more comments tho...I'm not sure many people get Rhed yet...XD