That Royal Bad Ass

That Royal Bad Ass

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Fleur Du Mal By _neferobri Completed

Princess Nicola Eucalyptus of Amarillia is kind, caring, charming, respectful and doesn't give back chat... Oops wrong bio! Nicola is anything but that. She is a full on rebel but she isn't as public with her rebelliousness as Prince Stephen Turmaine of Cantura. 

Nicola then finds out she is engaged the idiotic playboy and all hell breaks loose. Who on earth would have the two most reckless teenagers get married? Not to mention the fact that they are so much alike! 

But what happens when you throw high school, gorgs, bets, secrets, lies and an unexplainable love triangle in the mix? Let's say it's anything but charming, loves.

Made up countries c:

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whaaat???? that's cray cray wtfwtfwtf omg

Book 1 in the 'The Wild Things' series (they can be read in any order but this is the main book and the others are and will be spin offs)

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