Being Mrs Dupont

Being Mrs Dupont

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I had always been different. Being mixed wasn't easy and the fact that I was a product of my mother's scandalous affair with a white man didn't make it any easier. 

The day I crossed paths with billionaire  Michael Dupont, I knew my life would never be the same.
"Please call me Michael, after all we need to get more comfortable around each other, I mean after all you are going to be my fiancé.................
 "Don't look so shocked Kelly, at least hear what I have to say, I can assure you its within your best interest to hear me out"

 So I decided to write this story. If you like it great..If you don't well that's great too. I won't take rude or ugly comments, I will simply block you. However helpful feedback will be much appreciated. I will take any advice to help me improve as a writer. 
 Thank you.
❤Zinzi (PennameJewel )

ColorMeCamo ColorMeCamo Oct 19
Two yeasts since Joseph been laid off? Psh he should've been found a job. He dang sho wouldn't have been staying there especially how he treated me if I had to pay bills ✌🏾️
ColorMeCamo ColorMeCamo Oct 19
Joseph shouldn't have treated her like that especially when it's not even her fault...she was only a innocent child
lynnj811 lynnj811 Oct 10
they too old to still be living at the house. if she is 23 and her sister is 4 years older she's 27 too old to still be at your mamma house
elnorap elnorap Sep 20
If the dad couldn't accept the child and treat her as his own i wouldn't have allowed him to return
patrob76 patrob76 Oct 09
mom, hard to chastise your girls when they know your checkered past. ;)