The Day You Changed (A BTS Jungkook Fanfic)

The Day You Changed (A BTS Jungkook Fanfic)

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아름다워 By strictlymine Completed

seeing people change doesn't hurt. what hurts is remembering how they used to be.

jungkook and bella are childhood best friends. when they turned eighteen, their parents put them in an arranged marriage. jungkook changed and turned out to be an abusive husband. will bella get through this hell? read on to find out...

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eatjimout eatjimout Jun 19
calm your tits. he's your best friend. would you rather marry the one you hate or a stranger??
I hate when the heroin in the story is always so weak like come on grow some, no offense
Infires09 Infires09 21 hours ago
*Jimin's voice* Excuse me.... No Jimin you hold up there with your cuteness..... EXCUSE ME
Oh hell no how dare she mess with the food that's it *grabs a chopstick and stabs the life outta her*
Honey, you should stop looking in front of a mirror, the truth will  ruin your already-ruined face. ^ㅅ^
ani ani ani , no h*e finna make me cry , matter fact she wouldnt even be able to touch my hair pfft she dropped food on me ?? well then i'll just hug her then start to hit her , swing that h*e .