quiet kid & bright hair || joshler

quiet kid & bright hair || joshler

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jess By svpervixen Updated Jan 20

that quiet kid across the room made eye contact with the boy with the bright hair. 

after that infamous moment, their lives changed forever.


i wrote this over two years ago & i hate it.

ahxsfuck ahxsfuck Jul 28
i would cry. this is bringing memories where i had to present a presentation in front of my history class and i when i got called i just stayed in my seat crying my eyes out and i got a zero for presenting so yeah. that’s the story of how i got a C for not presenting about greek history ((:
ahxsfuck ahxsfuck Jul 28
my teachers are stupid and don’t pay attention to people in the back so i always sit there
I hate doing this sm! I almost had an anxiety attack in class bc my teacher literally slapped my arm and told me I had to or else I would get a 0 for the whole semester
Whenever we get to choose our seats and none of my friends are in the class, I'll definitely be sitting in the back as far away from anyone else
definitely going to be me on the first day of high school for me. especially because it's going to be my first time at a public school and I'm not going to know anyone OH JOY!
My language arts teacher would grade presentations partly on how we acted while presenting. She'd take off points if we stuttered or moved around/fidgeted too much.