Yandere! Mettaton X Reader

Yandere! Mettaton X Reader

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"Oh my Darling~ I'm never going to let you go!!" An interactive story. 

I'm not the artist of the Mettaton on the cover, i couldn't find the artists name, so if you know it would be great if you could tell me :)
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DoryDoritoChan DoryDoritoChan Nov 12, 2016
At first I was like how can people find him attractive? *looks at picture above* ......
                              Take me now daddy.
ShioryIgnologia77777 ShioryIgnologia77777 Jun 03, 2016
Wait Mettaton is a guy ?!?! No one told me!!!! COME ON AND I SHIPPED METTAPAP
Rubyuniverse101 Rubyuniverse101 Nov 07, 2016
Me:(summons bill)bill:(sleeping)...me:BILLY!😩😫 Bill:(wakes up and falls into the snow)gah!its freezing!me:Bill wake up please!
231Max 231Max Jun 08, 2016
Grillby: hey Sans, can I see you for a minute?
                              Sans: sure.
                              Grillby: *leans right up into Sans' face* it's time for you to pay your fvcking tab.
SomeChick42 SomeChick42 Jun 19, 2016
Just letting you know this was recommended to me and idfk why but imma read it
IntotheEther IntotheEther Aug 27, 2016