♈️ Zodiac Signs ♓️

♈️ Zodiac Signs ♓️

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Zodiac facts and so much more! Learn more about your Zodiac Sign.
Use astrology to understand your personality and potentials.
All from Aries to Pisces. 
Everything may not be 100% accurate 
And a lot of random stuff!


***All credits go to the internet, unless I say that it's my own***

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Yeay! I'm Libra!! Wait a second!! Why I'm be so happy to be a Libra girl?
DayDayPokemon DayDayPokemon May 11, 2017
I yam earthbender *stomps down giant rock boulder comes up from ground FEAR ME. (I am a,girl
I want to have Earth power cause the character that I like have earth manipulate power.
Papayamaya72 Papayamaya72 May 25, 2017
I told my mom I was a water sign and she didn't believe me XD ~Scorpio
cion_lorkin cion_lorkin Mar 06, 2017
Anyone else find it funny that Aquarius's sign is air when it's more logical to be water XD