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Androgynous (Girlxgirl)

Androgynous (Girlxgirl)

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Sam Frizzy By SamFrizzy Updated Dec 24, 2016

Casey Bluett is androgynous. Ever Since she decided to cut her hair short in the seventh grade, she is constantly being mistaken for a guy. It's always annoying always having to correct people when they said Mr, or sir. Most of the time she would let it slip and let them go on believing she was a guy. The one thing she hated the most was the judging stares she always got everywhere she went, the same look the publishers of vogue would give an outfit put together by a 5 year old. But after she first saw Skylar Mills, the most beautiful girl Casey had ever 
seen, none of those stares really mattered.

Cover photo: Paula Zago

My brother gets mistaken for a girl with short hair all the time and it's hilarious
ispi19 ispi19 Oct 24, 2016
OMG , I'm definitely gonna do that next time when I see a cute girl (:
Justdoinme1 Justdoinme1 Nov 26, 2016
Same thing happens to me i just laugh or look away only one time i corrected sum one n they talked back
animepandagirlkc1 animepandagirlkc1 May 21, 2016
i love this! You are a very good writer.  I can relate to Casey. :)
_Neke123 _Neke123 Nov 04, 2016
Do she carry notes with her number and name on them💀💀I like this story already
Justdoinme1 Justdoinme1 Nov 26, 2016
Even tho.i look like a boy everyday n guys ask me am i gay i tell them yea n they still try to date me like my best friend like not into.dicks im into chicks