Bleed for Me :: Book One in The Evil Alpha Series

Bleed for Me :: Book One in The Evil Alpha Series

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Jane By xerocide Updated Jun 05, 2012

Poppy and her friend are attacked one night after leaving a club by a group of men who are not quite what they seem. Poppy's best friend is murdered brutally in front of her and she is about to be killed when the lead man kisses her as a joke but then they both realize it's not going to be that easy.

She is his mate. A human girl is the mate of the Alpha of the Blood Moon Clan. A clan known for their  brutal killing of innocent humans and werewolves alike. 

Poppy refuses him and that leads to a game of cat and mouse where only one of them comes out live. 

Love doesn't always concur all.

  • abuse
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  • blood
  • boy
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  • bruised
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  • dark
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