how to not mary sue

how to not mary sue

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isntitcrazy By isntitcrazy Updated Jan 22

Fun fact: I hate this book and am only keeping it up because people seem to like it. This book is dead. I will never write in it again. I hate it. It's horrible. It's insulting. 
Have you ever seen a boring, cliché, recycled, or an overall Mary-Sue Creepypasta OC? Well, of course you have! They're everywhere! 

Taking a Creepypasta's backstory? SEEN IT! 
Recycling a name? TOO MANY TIMES!
An overused weapon? EVERYWHERE!

That's not even the half of it! I could go on for hours on this topic! Well, then I guess it's a good thing I have this here book. 

If you're looking for sarcasm, you've come to the right place! Jokes? Got plenty! Slightly serious rants with too much sarcasm? OF COURSE! the book pretty please? 

***Uh...this book was supposed to be serious but it's quite obvious that was a flop. So I welcome you to a book of sarcasm and a vague form of murder jokes, the Creepypasta fandom is full of them. Have fun trying to tell sarcasm from a legit statement. Have fun.***
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TsukiShade TsukiShade Jan 14
Is short overalls that come up to the knees, thick black stockings, grubby sneakers and a green shirt and to cover it up a parka for the winter original. Ok it’s more original than Mary Sues but is it more Mary Suey than a normal non Mary Sue character?
I love skirts, leggings, and either some really comfy tennis shoes or some really comfy boots 👌
Her eyes are all black because ink was poured into them... Or they were tattooed... Or she has normal eyes...
I could kill in a mini skirt
                              But if I ran in high heels...
                              Girl the only thing I’ll be killing is myself
iamkatjk iamkatjk Nov 26, 2017
I bet I could kill someone in a miniskirt.
                              I wear a lot of short skirts, so I think it'd be pretty easy
TropicAssasin107 TropicAssasin107 Oct 19, 2017
I must be a rlly bad oc bc all I wear is hoodies jeans and sneakers