How to Not Mary Sue (#Wattys2016)

How to Not Mary Sue (#Wattys2016)

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Razor "Ghost" By Razor_Midnight Updated Feb 24

Have you ever seen a boring, cliché, recycled, or an overall Mary-Sue Creepypasta OC? Well, of course you have! They're everywhere! 

Taking a Creepypasta's backstory? SEEN IT! 
Recycling a name? TOO MANY TIMES!
An overused weapon? EVERYWHERE!

That's not even the half of it! I could go on for hours on this topic! Well, then I guess it's a good thing I have this here book. 

If you're looking for sarcasm, you've come to the right place! Jokes? Got plenty! Slightly serious rants with too much sarcasm? OF COURSE! the book pretty please? 

***Uh...this book was supposed to be serious but it's quite obvious that was a flop. So I welcome you to a book of sarcasm and a vague form of murder jokes, the Creepypasta fandom is full of them. Have fun trying to tell sarcasm from a legit statement. Have fun.***

Cover by @NekoPotterHead
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I mean, Nekos are cute.
                              But that could be a way of killing.
                              Acting cute in the porch, asking to stay in for the night.
                              Then, when their guard is down...
                              KILL THEM!
                              BITE THE THROAT AND PULL BACK!!!!!
Mine has dark brown hair and eyes and wears a discolored shirt with her school skirt.
_D0llFace_ _D0llFace_ Apr 15
Mine wears a short black dress, black running shorts, and brown hiking boots.
My main OC (Who's name is Karina, knowledge for further comments) actually can run in heels (as she is an ex-model)
_D0llFace_ _D0llFace_ Apr 15
Mine looks like this:
                              Short choppy blonde hair, normally has blood in it
                              Dark green eyes
                              Tan skin
                              Curvy ((Too many CP Ocs are skinny))
                              Wears a shory black dress, black running shorts, and brown combat boots. 
                              Missing a tooth
                              Long nails
                              Bloody bandages from scratching herself
Yeah nekos aren't scary....CAUSE THEY'RE FRIKIN CATS!! half cats-half humans are called meif'wa