How to Not Mary Sue (#Wattys2016)

How to Not Mary Sue (#Wattys2016)

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Razor By Razor_Midnight Updated 3 days ago

Have you ever seen a boring, cliché, recycled, or an overall Mary-Sue Creepypasta OC? Well, of course you have! They're everywhere! 

Taking a Creepypasta's backstory? SEEN IT! 
Recycling a name? TOO MANY TIMES!
An overused weapon? EVERYWHERE!

That's not even the half of it! I could go on for hours on this topic! Well, then I guess it's a good thing I have this here book. 

If you're looking for sarcasm, you've come to the right place! Jokes? Got plenty! Slightly serious rants with too much sarcasm? OF COURSE! the book pretty please? 

***Uh...this book was supposed to be serious but it's quite obvious that was a flop. So I welcome you to a book of sarcasm and a vague form of murder jokes, the Creepypasta fandom is full of them. Have fun trying to tell sarcasm from a legit statement. Have fun.***

Cover by @NekoPotterHead

Nekos Would look Scary in Real life Because their mom Had Sex with a Cat!
ssnily- ssnily- Jul 16
What if they do have cat DNA but just the fangs, claws, and maybe some cat instincts, but no cat ears or tail?
EmeraldWolf12 EmeraldWolf12 21 hours ago
Hm, mine wears a green jacket, a black shirt, a random insignificant necklace  and leggings.
jeenvita10 jeenvita10 Aug 01
And then the nekos are really hot tho. Seriously, if you still going to stick with cat-like ones try making it scary with, I dunno, super sharp fangs and claws or maybe even those creepy eyes, no 'cute' tails and ears.
Well, there might be an issue with something.
                              My OC might only be 8...