Teasing The Alpha

Teasing The Alpha

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GAME ON ALPHA! I said shaking his extended arm.

let the games begin.  he said looking me in the eyes.

I turned around a put an extra sway in my hips feeling his gaze on my ass I dropped my pen on "accident" and bent down slowly trialling my hand all the way down my legs then picked it up turned around and winked at him then I was on my.
This story will no longer be edited no chapters will be edited or anything but i am going to leave this up so people can see the contrast of my younger self to my now older self.. CAUTION this may be a spoiler if you plan on reading the new and improved version so I wouldn't recommend reading if you are new...

    captainswan10androse captainswan10androse Mar 14, 2016
    I know how you feel and I know how Samantha feels too. I'm living with my dad as we speak. I don't like it one bit.
    96dreamgirl 96dreamgirl Jul 15, 2016
    OMG! Why she told that to her mother? She didnt supposed to said that. But yeah I  should deal with it wkwkwk
    _Abby8_ _Abby8_ Aug 30, 2016
    Um your dad is the one you should be yelling at, he is the one who cheated, then again your mom is dumb he was obviously gonna get his mate soon
    charlarrylotty charlarrylotty Mar 29, 2016
    My parents got separated when I was three. They got back together 7 years later. So not even close to what the other people on these comments had to go through but it shows that there is love in the world.
    Sam_bae__ Sam_bae__ Jul 22, 2016
    Well IT JUST GOT EVEN MORE PERSONAL my boyfriends name is Jesse. Wow
    NightshadeWriter NightshadeWriter Apr 02, 2016
    I am seventeen and I watch it. Don't judge. I need a healthy dose of stupid. ..