The Amulet Series: Queen of Fire [COMPLETED]

The Amulet Series: Queen of Fire [COMPLETED]

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Cici101 By mansi747 Completed

Scarlett Faye has a gift. 
No one knows. 
No one must know. 
Or else they will hurt her. 

Scarlett Faye hasn't stepped foot into the outside world in 17 years. 
Now that her parents are dead, going outside is her only option if she is going to survive. 
When she meets Badel's famous King's Assassin, Dante Walker, her world suddenly takes a plunge into a thrilling and dangerous struggle for survival and what it truly means to be herself. 
However, when Thalan, the kingdom to the north, starts its mysterious and murderous ascent to power, it's up to Scarlett and Dante to stop it. 

Will Thalan truly be stopped or is there a deeper, darker secret behind its destructive force? 

[NOTE:  This is my first time writing in the fantasy genre----  Actually, this is my first time writing a novel in general so please be courteous and considerate in your comments. Rude and harsh remarks will not be tolerated and you shall soon feel the wrath of a writer >:( Criticism is allowed but only when it doesn't provoke impudent behavior. Thank you for reading!]


Cover credits to @mahana258 !!