The love That Used To Be (Chat Noir X Reader)

The love That Used To Be (Chat Noir X Reader)

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Just another writer By mmarinettee Updated Sep 16, 2016

(My first fanfiction on here let's hope it works! Leave comments and I'll try to update when I can! ♥)

-Narrators pov- 
It was a cold winter day, December was almost over and (y/n) just moved into France. You took a deep breath as you finished unpacking, you had a wolf kwami who was bothering you about meeting new people.

-(y/n) pov-
"Ugh shush Ryuka!" (Y/n) said to your kwami. He wouldn't shut up about how beautiful it was and how their may be many nice people. Your mind was wondering somewhere else though, something sparked your mind and you froze, starting to shake. "Somethings wrong...Ryuka." You whispered as Ryuka flicked his black ears, a guy too distracted about what was going on with his friend ran into you, knocking the breath out of you as (y/n) fell. "O-Oww..." You managed to say as he stared at you. "H-Hey you okay there?" The blonde male asked, holding out his hand. You slowly grabbed his hand with a blurry vision. Once you did everything froze.

-flash back-

(Y/n) and ...

SeriouslyWeird1000 SeriouslyWeird1000 Mar 20, 2016
Oh so my eye color isn't sopost to be red in the first place
- - Mar 02, 2016
What's bad is I can actually imagine Adrien saying that to his son....
get_a_gun get_a_gun Mar 28, 2016
тнαт σиє ѕєитєи¢є мα∂ тнιик σf fℓσωєу fяσм υи∂єятαℓє
panda_coco- panda_coco- Oct 18, 2016
"Fly my evil akuma, and akumatize (WAHAHAHA NOT SURE OF THE SPELLING~) her!"
BrokenEmotion32 BrokenEmotion32 May 07, 2016
I am cryophobic and I have a twin brother..... Please don't read my future...
catkat12345 catkat12345 Nov 23, 2016
me*see akuma* nope nope NOPE NOPPE NOPE 
                              me:SOME ONE HELP ME *run* 
                              that is wht i would do i i saw that akuma