A New "Life" [COMPLETED] ✔️

A New "Life" [COMPLETED] ✔️

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Sara By Divergent_Rebels Updated Mar 03

Second book is now up on Wattpad! "One Choice." [DISCONTINUED] - Sorry

In the last book of The Divergent Series, Allegiant, Tris doesn't die. She kills David before he can kill her and releases the serum. Soon after, she moves into the city with Tobias and some of the other refugees. They find out that they will be expecting but the plan for a family is cut short when they are kidnapped, brought to The Milwaukee Experiment, and are wiped of their memories. Tris' memory is spared due to her divergence but no one knows. She will have to escape the city with the ones she loves in order to create a lasting future for her and her child. With some bumps in the way...

This is a fanfic and it is based off of the book and movie series The Divergent Series which is written by Veronica Roth. This fanfic starts after the last book of the series Allegiant. I created a few characters but most of the characters in this fan fiction I do not own. All rights go to Veronica Roth for her amazing series.
This is the very first story I've ever written on WattPad so it's very very poorly written and definitely not how I write now. I've decided to keep it up to let all of you readers give it a chance even though I would basically change the whole story if I was to re write it.

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Reading the chapter title made me think THE BRITISH ARE COMING
The irony is killing me...my playlist is on shuffle and its playing a song called 'Bedroom Door'
No!!!! They need to live a happy life!!!!! And I ❤️ this so much!!!!
No!!!!! It can't change nothing can change!!!! This is fantastic btw!!!! 😍