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Harry x Reader

Harry x Reader

13.3K Reads 587 Votes 39 Part Story
Alyssa By alyssaaltomonte Completed

All rights to the amazing JK Rowling!
You (the reader) go on adventures with the Golden Trio. You're great friends, until one day, Harry decides he sees you as more than a friend...

Okay so nothing really huge happens in 1-3 years. Just little things. I mean in real life do you get a boyfriend at 11? But trust me it gets better in 4th year XD if you want to skip to chapter 16 (the beginning of 4th) go ahead, but you might be confused...

BonniesForeverLover BonniesForeverLover Oct 16, 2016
When she first said that, my mind thought that the 'father' was eather a death eater, or Lord Voldemort himself.
ashycadashy ashycadashy Dec 04, 2016
I am a very very strange child I am both Slytherin and Gryffindor.... I also can't spell
SakuraScytheMaster13 SakuraScytheMaster13 Dec 04, 2016
Don't we all?  Malfoy the greatest bragger of all time also the most annoying twat I've ever read about/seen
Vermesia_Stone Vermesia_Stone Nov 27, 2016
May I mentally refer to the owl as a different name? Or is that illegal or something?
Joey_Tyler Joey_Tyler Dec 31, 2016
When you hear police sirens outside while reading this...FANFIC DEDDY WHET U DO BOI