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Warrior Cats x Reader

Warrior Cats x Reader

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Gazelle By Gazelleleap Updated Dec 24, 2016

(REQUESTS OPEN AND HIGHLY SUGGESTED!) Become mates with a cat from the warriors series! Who will it be? Tell me your opinion on each part!

Tigerstar x reader,
                              Forbidden...sounds cool to me
                              If possible can you put the reader in the time zone of when Tigerstar is in the dark forest?
bummlebeez bummlebeez Mar 19
Thrushpelt x reader (I feel bad for him because he insnt loved 😫)
If you read the prequel may I suggest a few? Turtle tail x reader Thunder x reader Gray wing x reader Acorn fur x reader and Rainswept flower x reader. Rainswept flower is killed before she can love ;-; CRI
Mousedapple Mousedapple Sep 11, 2016
If requests are open, could you do Ferretclaw or Snowbird from ShadowClan? Or perhaps Shaded Moss from the Ancients?
Onestarxreader?In every state. There are little onestarxreaders
southerngold southerngold Nov 23, 2016
I'm Jayheart, a silver tabby she cat with blue eyes. My kits are Whitekit(molted brown she cat with a white face) and Bramblekit( brown tabby she cat with blue eyes)