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Warrior Cats x Reader

Warrior Cats x Reader

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Gazelle By Gazelleleap Updated Dec 24, 2016

(REQUESTS OPEN AND HIGHLY SUGGESTED!) Become mates with a cat from the warriors series! Who will it be? Tell me your opinion on each part!

Mousedapple Mousedapple Sep 11, 2016
If requests are open, could you do Ferretclaw or Snowbird from ShadowClan? Or perhaps Shaded Moss from the Ancients?
Onestarxreader?In every state. There are little onestarxreaders
southerngold southerngold Nov 23, 2016
I'm Jayheart, a silver tabby she cat with blue eyes. My kits are Whitekit(molted brown she cat with a white face) and Bramblekit( brown tabby she cat with blue eyes)
Jays_wing Jays_wing Oct 17, 2016
My Warrior name is Spiketail. I have two kits with cinder heart named Dapplekit and Hazelkit.
scourgeshade123 scourgeshade123 Aug 03, 2016
Crooked star x reader 
                              Forbidden love
                              The she cat is thunderclan
Zoeydapuppers Zoeydapuppers Dec 01, 2016
Does anyone seak German here? Less likely though, sadly. ;-;