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Warrior Cats x Reader

Warrior Cats x Reader

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Gazelle By Gazelleleap Updated Apr 29

(REQUESTS OPEN AND HIGHLY SUGGESTED!) Become mates with a cat from the warriors series! Who will it be? Tell me your opinion on each part!

CeralWolf CeralWolf May 20
silvercloud,she cat, ash kit, thunderkit,slightkit, all of them are she cats, stormclover is apprentice, new name brambletail,  stormpelet is warrior name,
Im DuskTail I am a American curl she cat with black~ish fur I have 1 tom kit and his name is ThornKit who has black fur and orange on his paws and around his eye my mates name is ShadePelt black tabby with yellow eyes and an orange stomach and paws and ear tips
I'm foxtail, I'm a Orange and white she cat with Grey eyes. I'm not fast but clever. I have a she kit. Name is cherry fur , she has light red an white fur and has black eyes. Mates name is Thorn fang. He has black and white fur and yellow eyes.  ( lol I had nothing!)
I am Starflight, a small silver tabby with blue eyes. I have one kit: Dapplekit, a ginger she-kit with flecks of brown. My mate is Redfall, a strong ginger tom with brown eyes. Ship name: Starfall
I am DarkHeart, a black skinny she cat, with green eyes. My kits names are Silverkit (Silver colored fur, she cat with blue eyes) and Amberkit (Black fur, tom with icy blue eyes).
I am Hollyfrost, a lithe white tabby flecked black with brown eyes
                              Kits: Clearkit silver tabby tom , Brightkit tortoiseshell she kit, Tigerkit smokey brown tom with blue eyes