The Billionaire Playboy's Bride

The Billionaire Playboy's Bride

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"Sign!" He demanded.

A signature. Just a signature's gonna change both our lives. My decision might make OR ruin both our lives.... 


Nicholas Perkins, the most wealthiest and ruthless businessman, and the city's No.1 Playboy who wants nothing more than his selfish needs to be fulfilled at any cost. But there is one condition that is required to be satisfied.

Evelyn Katherine Linard, just a simple girl enjoying her father's money under his care. All she finally wants is to be free like a bird and live her life.
Though enjoying all the luxuries of life, both have had a past which presents itself in front of them playing with their minds. They have no choice but to stick together.

What could be their final decision? The playboy is finally in search of his bride. But is this arrangement going to work out? Is the Bride ready to be tied down? Read to find out!

I like the prologue . I am too eager to read this book it seems so interesting.  Looking forward to it :)
Sonia_R Sonia_R Apr 10
Oh my goodness, Nick and Katherine....finally! I am super excited!!! 😆😆😆😆
GGanavi GGanavi Apr 17
Please update 
                              I am really eager to read this story .I read up previous story too
                              And I loved it and this is a great prologue 
                              You doing a great job, and inspire a lot of  people to write
GGanavi GGanavi Apr 22
Meghana plz update yaar
                              This story is getting so interesting 
                              The only thing I am doing is thinking atb wat happens next 
                              Plz update fast
I like the prologue. I am looking forward to the next chapters. 👍
sr2819 sr2819 Apr 12
Liked  the prologue.... Eagerly  Waiting  for the chapters...