As Brittle As Quicksilver (Fourth in The Creators Saga)

As Brittle As Quicksilver (Fourth in The Creators Saga)

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Never to touch, only to see. Never to speak, only to think. After a year and a day of being forced apart by someone both Time Lords once considered a friend, the Doctor and the Alchemist both have their ways of coping. But with the death of the Master, the Alchemist's last secret is the wild card in their relationship.

She still has control of the Vortex, and has ever since the day the Doctor died for her. No Creator has ever been meant to hold the Vortex for so long, and the Alchemist's actions come with a price.

Having control and staying in control are two different things. With planets disappearing left and right and with the reappearance of Donna Noble, nothing is impossible. The Alchemist kept the Doctor together after the loss of Rose and Mickey. Now it's the Doctor's turn to support his Bonded as she deals with the toughest battle she's ever fought.

And with the Alchemist's control of the Vortex the deciding factor on her life, the Bond between the Doctor and the Alchemist has never been more in danger.

Fourth in The Creators Saga.


I do not own Doctor Who. The Alchemist and the concept of the Creators, however, belong to me. The cover was also made by _marvelous.

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I'm laughing so hard right now you have no idea, I love this part so much! XD
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He was actually Davids doctor too and I'm crying. This is a man speaking to his childhood hero and I'm crying.
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I'm soooo curious to see what you do with river since the doctor is with the alchemist
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Quick question. How did 5 not realize the TARDIS console room was different?