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The Never Mentioned Twin (OHSHC FF)

The Never Mentioned Twin (OHSHC FF)

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Emery Mad White By EmeryChan Updated Jul 21, 2016

Kohana Ootori the twin sister of of Kyoya Ootori 

Kohana despised most of her family yet the only one she adored was her twin brother Kyoya some might usually say that the both of them together were like Yin n Yang and that no one could bring them apart but sadly there was someone who could which was there father he made Kohana move to become the o wner of a France hospital they had there her father said she would go to France or Kyoya would never have the slightest possibility of becoming a heir to the Ootori name because of her so she did what she had to and moved to France -the real reason was because Kohana would always step in for Kyoya whenever there father abused him and Yoshio thought Kyoya would be better off with the only thing that made his third son smile and have hope- she would call her twin every day but after a week in France Kyoya stopped answering her -Yoshios orders- she decided that she would come back 10 years later(= left at 7) and surprise Kyoya!!

I'm constantly pushing up my glasses! And when I do, my friends say I look like Kyouya!
EmoEden EmoEden Jul 16, 2016
I do that with my glasses. I just don't like the middle thing myself, but Kyoya can do that every episode!
Luvbug3121 Luvbug3121 Sep 10, 2016
Dude. She pushes her glasses up like Rei Ryugazaki!!!!! OMFG!!!
TheOtakuFreak14 TheOtakuFreak14 Aug 27, 2016
When I'm mad at someone I push my glasses up (when I wear them) because I do it with my middle finger
QuakeGamerGirl QuakeGamerGirl Sep 27, 2016
Also why can't the girls just bare with the uniform?! Even if it makes you look like a mushroom/marshmallow/deformed banana.
Amajminecraftlover Amajminecraftlover Dec 27, 2016
I would to hate to be away from my twin....... She is my life were she goes I go what she eats I eat what she drinks I drink if she dies I die...........