Her New Step B(r)other

Her New Step B(r)other

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Nenerh1 By Nenerh1 Updated Jul 28, 2016

Catalina Arias is 22 yrs old and just graduated from College to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She's to start her new career at the end of summer after her mom's wedding in Bora Bora to her Billionaire fiancee Frederick Hamilton, who owns a multitude of lavish Resorts all over the world. Her life goals are going according to plan: a dream career, a perfect boyfriend of two years and her mom finding happiness once again. She is a planner, NEVER take any chances by the book type of girl who always wants to think things through before taking a risk. "Plain Jane" as they call her, but that's how she's always been and how she likes it.

Jesse Hamilton is adventurous, a do before you think, care free 'Gypsy' and a free Spirit type of guy, everything Catalina isn't. His rugged good looks and mischievous smile make females weak in the knees and his charm gets them into his bed. They are complete opposites, but will they be attracted to one another or dislike each other once they meet? Will they balance each other's personalities or be repelled. Will he find joy in annoying her? After all they will be family soon, he is the son of the Billionaire...and also Her New Step B(r)other.

"Cat...can you please get that stick out of your ass for once and have fun? Or is that not in your vocabulary?" Jesse looks at her grinning.

"I know how too...it's just." she gulps looking down at the waterfall...it was high and she was afraid of heights.

"Don't think, just do! I will be right next to you." he say grabbing her hand and kissing it with a smile. "I won't let anything bad happen to you...ever." 

Nodding her head yes Cat closed her eyes and exhaled "Ok, let's do it!"

"That's my kitty Cat...on the count of 3...1-2-3! JUMP!" Jesse screamed as he pulled her to his side and jumped off the cliff unto the waterfall below.

Resurfacing Cat laughed feeling rejuvenated "That was awesome!" she looks at him.

Pulling her close he smiled "It was..." then his lips crashed into hers.

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