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It started With A Phone Call

It started With A Phone Call

2.8M Reads 14.8K Votes 34 Part Story
Amy Sousa By amysousa Completed

Sky Evans is a sweet, smart, and very innocent seventeen year old, but she isn't popular. In fact, she's far from it. With only one friend there's no wonder why she gets picked on. But an innocent prank phone call changes everything. Meeting the man of her dreams changes her life forever: Mainly because it's super illegal for them to be together. Find out what happens in It Started With A Phone Call.

*Cover created by AcousticVarmint :D

LoveeToDream LoveeToDream Sep 18, 2016
Ok, I'm the only one who got the crazy idea that he will be her teacher ? 😂 It's 4:12am maybe that's the reason 😂🙈
RoyalHemmings RoyalHemmings Sep 01, 2016
Daniel (Dan)  Phil what? Lol now all I can think of is Dan and Phil 😂😂
Heyurin_8 Heyurin_8 Jan 25
                              AND I LIVE IN ONTARIO AS WELL
dolphiraffe dolphiraffe Jul 09, 2014
lol good call putting that but I think it's old too but NO.OFFENCE people but my last name is cherry guess how many laughs I get a day at school
iamkoolwithak iamkoolwithak Apr 20, 2014
If I were you I'd change the year to the year it is every year(: so like it could say 2014 this year and so on...and also make sure that the style is up to date(: sorry, I just noticed that you wanted suggestions! Love this story so far, you're an amazing writer!(: x
stxrry-night stxrry-night Dec 07, 2013
If you look closely to Sky's picture on the side, it looks like the head had been photoshopped...
                              love your story btw..