Horsemen Of The Apocalypse: A Percy Jackson Story

Horsemen Of The Apocalypse: A Percy Jackson Story

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Demogorgon By DeathToForgiveness Updated Oct 01, 2016


I don't own HoH, Magnus Chase, The Kane Chronicles. 

Carter Kane, the leader of
 the Egyptian magicians and ally of the gods. Ignored by all of his loved ones because of his sister he decides to leave only to meet Chaos. He becomes Conquest.

Magnus Chase, an orphan from the streets. He was gunned down by thugs. Died from his injuries, he meets Chaos and becomes Pestilence.

Jason Grace, the praetor of Camp Jupiter. Left for dead, betrayal was the last thing he felt before he died. Taken in by Chaos he becomes War.

Percy Jackson, cheated on by his girlfriend and all his deeds tarnished by his half brother, he was labeled as fake and soon he decided to leave. Chaos takes him in and soon he becomes one of the most powerful beings in the universe with the exception of Chaos. He becomes Death.

Softband Softband Apr 23
So dramatic. This book is amazing! It´s nice to see SOMEONE write serious Percy Jackson stories for once!
Softband Softband Apr 23
I feel sorry for Earth. War, Conquest, Pestilence, AND Death at the same time? Ouch. We might as well wave Earth goodbye. *waves goodbye to Earth*
BigDaddySea BigDaddySea May 01, 2016
one of the best beginnings I have ever seen in wartime books. 😂👏
OfficiallyGemini OfficiallyGemini Nov 21, 2016
To be fair I honestly think Carter would be a better Pestilence judging by all the Egyptian mojo and Magnus would be a better Conquest, but whatever rocks your boat I suppose.
BloodMoonRose19 BloodMoonRose19 Dec 11, 2016
Hey, you should have used War and Death from the DarkSiders games
leelaisawesome leelaisawesome Nov 27, 2016
I like the story so far, but please, please use commas. I've seen this in so many stories, and it makes it almost unreadable for me.