The werewolf's slut

The werewolf's slut

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Faith By werewolflover1 Updated Mar 18, 2015

I had this idea after i heard lil waynes- how to love and it was all i could think about so i figured i would just write it to get it off my mind. please vote guys i really need to know what you guys think.

Chapter 1

I go by many names, slut,whore,bitch,homewrecker... the list goes on, but my friend calls me Haven. Yes that's right i said friend, the other girls act sweet to my face but call me a slut behind my back. They think i don't know about it but they don't know who sits in the toilet every morning crying her eyes out because of what her father did to her last night. You tend to hear a lot of gossip when your hidng in the toilet stall...

Before we get started, i'm sure you are wondering why people call me a slut. Well it is kind of obvious why i'm called a slut. I've practically slept with every hot, cute, lookable guy in school. I even slept with some ugly nerd when i was drunk, yeah not a good memory. My father did this to me, you see when my mother died, my father took to ...

adriadez adriadez Nov 20, 2016
But at the same time please dont sleep with a bunch of guys thats not how you find love
- - Oct 26, 2016
ikr? ice cream is full of dairy and u need it. there is always that one time when your just so freaking sad that u just need ice cream u know ^v^
xxNikita1dxoxo xxNikita1dxoxo Nov 15, 2016
Well if u want to look at love that way then its entirety up to u 😅
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Jan 17, 2015
That's a weird way to know someone loves you. You don't need to sleep with a whole bunch of guys because of that y'know
teddyBearcookies teddyBearcookies Feb 13, 2013
Aww :((( Thats so sad knowing ur own 'dad' rapes you... Gud story -.^
DaniXDreamer DaniXDreamer Nov 20, 2011
poor girl! i feel so bad 4 her!!! i cant wait to read more i know its going to be great