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Septiplier One-Shots

Septiplier One-Shots

15.6K Reads 743 Votes 10 Part Story
Nerf History By Lynn_Shawe Updated Dec 05, 2016


Hello, and welcome to my twisted mind. In this book you'll find several one shots, some with fluff, smut, angst, or basically anything and everything. For smut scenes or any odd scenarios there will be a warning at the beginning of the chapter. I am also delighted to be taking suggestions and requests.

YaimaCR YaimaCR Dec 11, 2016
This is adorable, give me a boyfriend who is sweet and caring. If I ever get one D:
IzziDreme IzziDreme Sep 12, 2016
NamelessJa NamelessJa Jul 29, 2016
It's actually 3:14 in the morning right now and I haven't fallen asleep yet
CrazyNekoGamer CrazyNekoGamer Jun 20, 2016
My mind has been blowned off to a demon, I love genocide runs in Undertale I don't no why i like genocide better that pascifist.
Ki-coo4ever Ki-coo4ever Jan 14, 2016
See this is why you are my favorite fan fiction writer with your one shots back and your amazing book the hybrid
lilly22904 lilly22904 Jan 09, 2016
Wait does the no smut warning apply to all the chapters? This was cute but I still like smut.