Yes Daddy

Yes Daddy

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Chelly K. By ireadabunch Completed

Book 1:

  Jade is an average person, living an average life with his average accountant career in the average town of Lerwncevile, Pennsylvania. He's content with his life of being alone in his small two bedroom house and his soap operas. 

  He likes that his family is only a 10 minute drive away and all his friends he grew up with are still around. Everything in his life is calculated and expecting. 

  He prefers it that way, but his bestfriend Maxie begs to differ. Jades birthday is coming up and Maxxie decides they both need a trip to the big city... New York City that is. Jade is completely reluctant on going but allows himself to get dragged along to make his dear friend happy.  

  What wasn't expected was him meeting Mr. Charles Winfield, the most wealthiest entrepreneur in New York. The never married 35 year old bachelor with broad shoulders and a thick tall frame towered over Jades 5'nothing petite size. Scared with no where to turn, Jade finds himself at Mr. Winfield's mercy.

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_amiri_ _amiri_ Jun 26, 2017
🎵How come every time you come around my London London bridge wanna go down like...🎵
soliersophiuty soliersophiuty Jun 22, 2017
Damn, he's so much more better at make up than me; I don't even know what are the steps to put on make up...
valiant-baker valiant-baker Apr 27, 2016
In the TFIOS fandom, that means a completely different thing lmao
TheLemonYaoiLover TheLemonYaoiLover Sep 10, 2016
When I first saw the story I was like, "OH BRO A DADDY KINK SLASH. How hiiip~." Then I saw one of the tags MPREG and I was like, "MY BODY IS F#@KING READY!!!"