fuckboy ♢ muke ✔️

fuckboy ♢ muke ✔️

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rose By -riptidemuke Completed


in which michael finds himself falling for the schools biggest fuckboy.

awkward! michael
fuckboy! luke 

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Lemon_Fish Lemon_Fish May 09
Hi as an Aussie I am fückin confused on what ever this 25c coin is as we only have 5c 10c 20c 50c $1 $2 coins so um help?
He’s talking about luke? For a sec i thought he was talking about his sandwich
Lemon_Fish Lemon_Fish May 09
Gum at Australian schools is basically a currency. People either give it to you or you beg
starlightcath starlightcath Feb 11, 2017
now im just imagining an angry rose attacking me with its thorns
josiemariae josiemariae Jan 03, 2017
Dang I was really hoping to be attacked by a flower today looks like I won't check that one off my gay agenda
typhical typhical Aug 04, 2016
What font did you use for the cove lmao i probably sound stupid asking for it :,)