fuckboy ♢ muke ✔️

fuckboy ♢ muke ✔️

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rose By -riptidemuke Completed


in which michael finds himself falling for the schools biggest fuckboy.

awkward! michael
fuckboy! luke 

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now im just imagining an angry rose attacking me with its thorns
Dang I was really hoping to be attacked by a flower today looks like I won't check that one off my gay agenda
KristaLovesJian KristaLovesJian Jun 08, 2016
I'm excited. :) I love boyxboy stories, I love 5Sos, and I love Muke. :)
MukeInWonderland MukeInWonderland Jul 19, 2016
Then I'll send a very angry daisy for you to deal with, Rose.
typhical typhical Aug 04, 2016
What font did you use for the cove lmao i probably sound stupid asking for it :,)
whats_there_to_love whats_there_to_love Apr 29, 2016
*imagines a pissed off rose folding its leaves like it's crossing its arms* I lovemy imagination