The Seven Sins

The Seven Sins

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kittieslittlepuppy By kittieslittlepuppy Updated Jul 11, 2011

Linnet Dawkins…

Starving artist. Spiritual medium. Lonely dropout.

And apparently the new holder of the Seven Sins…

With the war between the archangels getting tougher, the Demon of Sin has decided to lay her burden on an unfortunate man, Linnet Dawkins, ordering him to look after the Seven Deadly Sins…

The Seven Sins are obviously a handful for a mere mortal like Linnet. Pride’s selfishness, Lust’s enormous flirting and Anger’s tantrums are only the least of his problems. With an evil sorcerer out to get him, Linnet must either run and hide or stand and fight…

But how can he fight a demon when he’s losing to the demons inside him?

  • angels
  • demons
  • eye
  • pride
  • sins
  • third
kittieslittlepuppy kittieslittlepuppy Dec 13, 2010
@Freakshow_Roopz  ThankS! :D which quiz are you talking about???
Freakshow_Roopz Freakshow_Roopz Dec 13, 2010
                              i like the quiz you made up to...
                              hehe good work  d=(><)=b
kittieslittlepuppy kittieslittlepuppy Nov 18, 2010
@Sophia5 Thank you~~~
                              I'll be sure to add more chapters soon :D
kittieslittlepuppy kittieslittlepuppy Nov 18, 2010
@Sophia5 Thanks a lot! I feel flattered <3
                              i love angels and demons too :D I'll look at the manga your reading, seems like my type of thing ;3
                              Again thank you, i feel really happy :D
kittieslittlepuppy kittieslittlepuppy Nov 02, 2010
@FillolisiousxBabe  Thanks so much! :D actually i made this as a comic before i actually wrote it down. :3
                              really appreciate the comment :D
RaeleneJT RaeleneJT Nov 01, 2010
Sounds interesting, reminds me of a manga or an anime actually (: I can just picture it in those forms .
                              But overall from the story,  I liked it and it kept me entertained.